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The Dapper Pauper

Postby The Dapper Pauper » Tue Sep 20, 2016 10:15 pm

Name: The Dapper Pauper "Thad"
Tradition: Society of Ether
Height: 5’11”
Weight/Build: Lean
Age: Mid Twenties
Eye Color: Gren
Hair Color: Ash blonde
Skin tone: Olive

Physical Description:
The Dapper Pauper is an average height lean young man, his build leaving him not too impressive. He has a rather exotic appearance that has some appeal but it would shine better if he took better care of himself. He seems in a permanent state of dishevelment, he wears a cheap long sleeve shirts and dress slacks that have odd patches and stains, but a nice vest that has several extra pockets filled with various random instruments and affectations. His hair is often well washed but often finds itself fouled and messy with some sort of grease or simply missing a patch from the top of his head, his hands almost seem constantly stained with either ink or some kind of chalk.

Chantry Public Knowledge:
The Dapper Pauper goes by Thad among his friends, preferring a shorter handle than his usual.
Despite his disbelief in magic and his belief in Science! he has an uncanny knack for Prime
His 6 month tenure has rendered him the Tradition head for the SoE by default rather than true merit
Has his tradition's common lack of fondness for the Technocratic Union, especially the NWO.

Mundane Public Knowledge:
Thad owns a junkyard
Is a crazy person
Good Chap of the Society of Ether
Charisma 3 Appearance 3
Obvious Merits/Flaws None
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