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Victoria Katerina Lancaster- NPC

Postby Victoria Lancaster » Thu Aug 25, 2016 11:24 pm

Name: Victoria Katerina Lancaster Magister Scholae of the Order of Hermes bani House Quaesitor
Tradition: Order of Hermes
Height: 5'5
Weight/Build: Fit
Age: Thirties
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Skin tone: Olive

Physical Description:
Victoria is a pretty woman, though it is not so much physical beauty that stands out as raw charisma. This woman radiates power. The hair on your skin stands up, her gaze dares you to cross her. Everything about her spells out sheet power. She has olive Mediterranean skin and can often be seen wearing fashionable yet practical clothing. Jeans and some sort of comfortable top, rarely does she dress entirely formal.

Merits and Flaws:
Burning Aura: Her aura blazes with power, it is terrifying and beautiful to behold.
Natural Leader: Her Charisma makes her a natural leader

Other Distinguishing Characteristics:
Victoria has perfect posture, and although does not seem overly physically threatening she just seems like someone you would not want to mess with. She is strict and stern when it comes to the policies of the Chantry.

Chantry Public Knowledge:
Victoria is the Deacon and founder of the Chantry, she is in charge of law and enforcing it. It is unknown where she came from before. She seems to live at the Chantry as she always seems to be there when needed. She is a known Master, and there are many rumors surrounding the Deacon.

Mundane Public Knowledge:
Victoria Katerina Lancaster is a rich woman who inherited her money from a long line of Lancasters, she is well known in High Society. For work she seems to lecture at UCLA in the Classics department.

She can never die
She was born during the Roman Empire
She took the Chantry from the hands of Nephandi
She founded the Chantry once the Avatar Storm subsided and made it hospitable for use
She sold her first born to Stefan for unknown power. Or a queen bed. No one is sure
Appearance 3
Charisma 5
Natural Leader
Burning Aura
Deacon of the Chantry of the Ancients

-This is an NPC, if needed contact The Archmage
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