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Guess White

PostPosted: Tue Feb 14, 2017 8:44 pm
by Guess White
Name: Guess White
Height: 5’11
Weight/Build: Extremely slender, lightly toned (size 2)
Age: 26
Eye Color: Almost black
Hair Color: Black
Skin tone: Chestnut
Tribe: Silent Strider

Physical Description:
Guess is an unusually tall and unusually thin with dark striking features and bright eyes. She is an alluring woman of indeterminate race; her ancestry is clearly partly African but beyond that it becomes difficult to say. Her long black hair is thick enough to call into serious question whether it is naturally that straight.

Guess uses various scented products but not consistently leading to capricious variation. Most often though she smells of Jasmine, tropical fruits particularly coconut, or warm rich baked goods like gingerbread. Sometimes all of these.

Merits and Flaws:
Sexy: Guess is a pretty woman, certainly, but it’s more then that. There’s something about the way she moves, the look in her dark eyes, her confidence, that just exudes sexuality. She’s effortlessly enthralling, attracting a lot more attention then just a photo would lead one to guess.

Enchanting Voice:It’s the way Guess talks, too. Not what she says but her voice. Again, she has a pretty voice. One could imagine her as the female lead in a musical. But that’s not it. Her voice is captivating-paradoxically both griping and soothing-and more so then it should be.

Surreal Quality: There’s just something about Guess. Something more then normal. And on some level people can feel it. They find her fascinating; her mere existence seems to unconsciously draw others to her. But what Guess illicits in others isn’t necessarily a wholesome interest. She also gets looks that one might find rather concerning.

Other Distinguishing Characteristics:
Guess doesn’t necessarily wear expensive brands but her clothing always fits well and is flattering on her. On the job she wears (often fashionable) blouses, slender belted pants, and usually a jacket. This is in combination with some very light natural makeup (eyeliner and a slight gloss to the lip) and maybe a piece or two of modest jewelry. Outside work Guess’s clothing is eclectic, often colorful, and more fun or sexy then professional. She often wears a lot of rings, bracelets, or necklaces with makeup varying from none to playful or sultry.

Sept Public Knowledge:
Guess is not a kin regular at the Biltmore (so none).

Mundane Public Knowledge:
Guess isn’t famous but she isn’t difficult to look up either. Guess White is a Detective I with LAPD. A lot more information is available depending how and how deeply you look into her (PM me).