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Name: Heru
Height: 6'1
Weight/Build: 180/Muscular
Age: Mid twenties
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Fur Color: Black
Skin tone: Olive

Deedname: The Blade of Anubis
Breed: Homid
Auspice: Ahroun
Tribe: Silent Strider
Rank: Fostern

Physical Description:
Heru is a tall, muscular man who towers over most others around him. He has tanned olive skin, making it hard to pinpoint exactly what his ethnicity might be. He is fairly attractive (Appearance 3). His build makes it very clear that he is very athletic, almost completely ridiculously so. He could be a professional body lifter. He often maintains a small amount of facial hair. If one manages to see him without his clothing, one would see various tattoos of Egyptian hieroglyphics and some Greek writing.

In Crinos, Heru looks strange compared to other Garou. He takes the Jackal-man appearance almost as though Anubis himself.

Merits and Flaws:
None noticeable

Other Distinguishing Characteristics:
When in the Umbra, there is a dramatic change in Heru's appearance. Regardless of his form, he appears as Anubis in the umbra. If he is in Crinos, his bearing becomes more otherworldly. Darker. As though shades themselves surround him and bow to his command.

He has an aura of command and charisma about him that simply draws attention (Charisma 4).
Sept Public Knowledge:
Very little. Heru has made a name for himself running about the country helping people. Most recently he came from San Diego.

Mundane Public Knowledge:
It seems Heru likes to live off the grid.
Appearance 3
Charisma 4 (Commanding)
Strength 5 (Strong Arms)
Pure Breed 4 (Silent Strider)
Spirit Heritage 4 (Egyptian Spirits)
Rage 5
Often carries an ornate silver khopesh
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