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Charlotte Bai

Postby Charlotte » Sun Jan 01, 2017 12:55 am

Name: Charlotte Bai
Height: 5’0” (In the Umbra:) 5’9”
Weight/Build: lean (On the Umbra: unnaturally gaunt)
Age: 18
Eye Color: Grey (In the Umbra: pure black)
Hair Color: Brown (In the Umbra: gossamer white)
Fur Color: light to dark grays (In the Umbra: white)
Skin tone: Pale (In the Umbra: snow white)

Breed: Homid
Auspice: Theurge
Tribe: Glass Walker
Rank: Fostern

Physical Description:
A short young woman constantly wearing a backpack rather then a purse, Charlotte looks like a college or maybe even high school student. She has a round head, round glasses, and very pale Chinese features with long straight hair. Charlotte looks like the unpopular girl in a teen movie pre-makeover: glasses, dull baggy clothing, not skinny jeans, sweatshirts, plain sneakers, hair never styled save tied with actual rubber bands, and no makeup. She might have a feminine figure under there somewhere but she certainly isn’t showing it off. Charlotte smells quiet clean, often like generic soap or citrus.

Merits, Flaws, and Backgrounds:
Mark of the Predator: Charlotte seems to unnerve animals.

Spirit Heritage: Maybe it’s her small body and round head, or the quick scampery way she moves, or her unsually slender hands with long delicate fingers, but Charlotte just sort of reminds people of a spider. In lupus Charlotte has a fluffy head and body but not legs, giving the illusion of a round body on thin legs.

In the Umbra Charlotte looks like a completely different “person”. She is nine inches taller but no wider, if anything she is thinner, as if a human form was stretched out like toffee. Her skin is perfectly white, as is her longer and wispier hair. Charlotte’s head is rounder, her eyes are larger, dome like, and completely filled in glistening black. Her nose (or muzzle) is less prominent. Her fingers are unnervingly long now, while in lupus her paws almost seem to come to points at the ends of her spindly legs. It would be even creepier if this gaunt striking figure wasn’t drowning in a now even baggier gray sweatshirt and oversized loose jeans wearing a big school backpack.

Numen: In the Umbra Charlotte is usually accompanied by a cantaloupe sized spider (often riding on her) or a young Caucasian woman with varying brightly colored hair.

Other Distinguishing Characteristics:
Charlotte’s posture and mannerisms give an impression of shyness. She’s not always great with eye contact and often just seems vaguely uncomfortable in conversations and groups.

Sept Public Knowledge:
A Glass Walker from the San Diego sept who isn’t yet famous in her own right. Charlotte’s mother Zhi Bai is an elder of her same tribe and auspice who has a reputation as a passionate investigative umbral scholar along with her various world (and realm) hopping heroics. She hasn’t lived in California in over a decade and is also somewhat known for having multiple children with different fathers and just leaving the kin to raise the baby.

Mundane Public Knowledge:
Charlotte isn’t well known but if you bothered to look her up one could easily learn that she does private network security consulting. Her client list is not public and she doesn’t seem to be making much of an effort to advertise herself.
Charlotte Bai
Homid ~ Glass Walker ~ Theruge ~ Fostern
Charisma 5 Spirits * Manipulation 2 * Appearance 2 * Dexterity 5
Mark of the Predator - Spirit Heritage 5 - Numen - Magic Present
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