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Damon Montgomery

Postby Damon Montgomery » Tue Oct 25, 2016 11:21 am

Name: Damon Montgomery
Height: 6'
Weight/Build: About 200lbs, broad-shouldered and fit
Age: 22
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Dark brown
Skin tone: Black
Tribe: Glass Walkers

Physical Description:
Damon has a plain, genial face with sleepy-looking eyes and an easygoing smile. His hair and beard are neatly trimmed close to the skin. He is on the tall side and athletic, and exudes a relaxed physicality. He usually wears understated, if expensive clothing with a slightly preppy bent -- button-downs and plain v-neck tees, designer jeans and khakis. He smells very subtly of expensive aftershave, firearms, and the ocean.

Merits and Flaws:
Notable Heritage - Though Damon's own accomplishments are largely unknown, Garou and kin familiar with the Glass Walkers of the SF Bay Area may recognize Damon as Jupiter Damon Montgomery of the well-known Montgomery clan of San Francisco. The Montgomerys have been prominent among the Glass Walkers of Northern California going back to the 19th century and have been central to the tribe's foothold in that region, in addition to producing many notable and successful kin and True alike. They have a reputation for ambition, intellect, and innovation. Current notable Montgomerys include his father, Pluto, a kin and the current Montgomery patriarch, who is a successful Silicon Valley developer whose large software firm serves Glass Walker interests in the industry and maintains many of the computer networks used by the tribe, and his younger brother Mercury is a theurge whose renown is rapidly growing in spite of his relative youth.

Gall - Damon is respectful towards, but unintimidated by his Garou cousins.

Distinguishing Characteristic - When wearing tank tops or t-shirts, a network of deep, fresh-looking scars can be seen criss-crossing Damon's upper arms and the backs of his shoulders up to the base of his neck.

Other Distinguishing Characteristics:
Though Damon overtly maintains a serene, laid-back attitude, he nonetheless carries a subtle air of vigilance. His posture and movement convey the crisp, deliberate efficiency often borne by trained warriors.

Sept Public Knowledge:
While he's only just arrived to LA, rumor has it that Damon has been working as an agent for Ionic Security Solutions, a Glass Walker-controlled security firm, where he acquitted himself well.

Mundane Public Knowledge:
It's unlikely, though possible, that someone knowledgeable about the tech industry might make the connection between Damon and his father, whose success and affluence have occasionally placed him and his family into the public eye, though Damon himself has never had much involvement with his father's business. Otherwise, he's just another face in the crowd.
Damon Montgomery
Glass Walker kin
Cha 3 Man 2 App 2
Notable Heritage (Montgomerys)
Distinguishing Characteristic (scars on shoulders)
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