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Carl Tandy

Postby Carl Tandy » Sun Oct 23, 2016 7:15 pm

Name: Carl Tandy
Height: 5'9"
Weight/Build: 158 lbs., wiry build
Age: 31
Eye Color: Dark Brown (Orange in Crinos/Hispo/Lupus forms)
Hair Color: None
Fur Color: None
Skin tone: Natural Tan

Deed Name: No-Chill
Breed: Metis
Auspice: Ahroun
Tribe: Bone Gnawers
Rank: Fostern
Sept Position: None
Pack: None

Physical Description:
-Homid: In homid form, Carl is a completely hairless man of vaguely indeterminable age (at first glance) with dark eyes and a somewhat serious, quiet demeanor. But that's only because he's studying you and trying to figure you out. He's got a wiry but strong build and stands at an average height for most men. Upon closer inspection of his hands you might notice his fingers are webbed. He has a penchant for darker, loose-fitting clothing that he may have worn for a couple days running. He usually smells like he hasn't bathed for a day or two, making him a bit musky but nothing overpowering or revolting. He keeps his face and hands washed, at the very least.
-Crinos: In crinos form, Carl is a giant, hairless werewolf with paler skin, a slightly thicker build, and orange eyes. Usually ends up smelling like sweat and blood pretty quickly.
-Lupus: In lupus form, Carl is a hairless wolf, leaving him smaller-looking than other wolves and definitely makes him stick out. He has orange wolf eyes in this form as well, and is a lean-looking predator. When running in this form he has more of an animal musk than dirty human smell.

*In all forms his Mark of the Predator flaw gives him a very predatory-seeming nature. His webbed hands and feet are more obvious in his crinos and lupus forms, especially the feet.

Visible Flaws:
-Distinguishing Characteristic (Hairless)
-Mark of the Predator

Other Distinguishing Characteristics:
Carl is very sure of himself and confident. He also seems a bit forward and almost aggressive by nature sometimes thanks to the Rage inside him. He's also got webbed hands and feet if you ever have a chance to get a good look at them.

Sept Public Knowledge:
The local garou society knows about Carl, and know he has a reputation for getting the job done, even if he can be a complete jackass with violent tendencies at the same time. He's also known for the fetish he carries called "The Tonya Harding Special." People say that if he ever gets mad enough pulls out a lead pipe on you during an argument, run.

Mundane Public Knowledge:
Carl is a well known and respected figure on the streets among the more tread upon parts of society; particularly the homeless, groups of whom he can rally together if necessary.

Character Theme Song(s):
Limp Bizkit - Break Stuff
Carl "No-Chill" Tandy
Fostern Metis Ahroun Bone Gnawer
7/Gnosis: 6/Willpower: 9/Glory: 4/Honor: 1/Wisdom: 0
Influence: 4(Streets)/Fetish: 4("The Tonya Harding Special")
Hairless/Webbed Hands & Feet/Mark of the Predator/Metamorph/Smells Like Day Old Body Odor

"You think I'm a hero? I am not a hero. I'm a drifter with nothing to lose. Now you killed that girl to put me in a frame. I mean to beat you to death and drink your blood from a boot." - Tom Cruise in Jack Reacher
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