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Jonathan Chevalier

Postby Jonathan Chevalier » Sun Oct 16, 2016 4:13 pm

Name: Jonathan Chevalier
Height: 6'5
Weight/Build: Runners build
Age: Early 30s
Eye Color: Pale blue
Hair Color: Salt and pepper
Skin tone: Immaculate

Tribe: Silver Fang
Mate: None
Garou Family: The Chevalier line

Physical Description:
Jonathan is tall, well muscled and immaculate. From his dress to his grooming, everything about him clearly states that he is a man who is accustomed to a particular lifestyle. His demeanor is easy and good-natured, and only the barest hints of creases at the corners of his eyes indicate a man who is quick to smile.

Merits and Flaws:
Good Old Boy - Jonathan is known to be one of a well known Silver Fang line, and has spent many summers interning for various other Kinfolk-run organizations.

Other Distinguishing Characteristics:
Jonathan usually prefers clothing from high-end designers. He takes great pride in his style of shoe, & his hair is almost always perfectly styled into a handsome pomp.

Sept Public Knowledge:
Semi-local Kinfolk, though he is from Nappa Valley. His family owns a well-known vineyard on Howell Mountain. But why is he moving into the Biltmore?
His Mother is a member of the Silver Tree Genealogical Society, and it is assumed that he will be as well.

Mundane Public Knowledge:
Same about the being from a wealthy family. He also plays Wing for the LA Rebellion. Number 14.

Character Theme Song(s):
In progress
Jonathan Chevalier
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Good Old Boy
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