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Name: Cameron Cooper
Height: 5'8
Weight/Build: 145/Toned with Curves
Age: 25 or so.
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Skin tone: Copper

Tribe: Uktena

Physical Description: (Appearance 3)

A beauty in her own right, not quite stunning, Cameron looks like she could turn a few heads on the nights she decided to dress up or stand out. Her hair is long, hanging almost to her ankles and normally worn in ponytail or a thick braid hanging down her back. On the rare occasion you can pull a genuine smile from her it seems like it lights up her whole face and brings a slight twinkling to her eyes. She seems to work somewhat at staying in shape, but the curves make it a little hard to be considered slim.

She isn't rarely found outside of clean t-shirts and a pair of jeans with cowboy boots, but on occasion she finds the desire to wear a maxi dress (long to the ankles) and sandals. She seems to pay attention to some detail with a smither of make-up and Macy's shelf perfume, though there is a faint trace of lilac and lavender beneath the store bought scent.

Merits and Flaws: Nothing of note.

Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Cameron always walks with a brisk, confidant stride and never seems to lower her eyes to anyone. She wears a small, simple cross on a chain hanging beneath her shirt and always wears a feather from one ear with a chain attached and a small wolf pendant. She usually carries a set of headphones, and a small gun holster is normally carried on her left hip.

Sept Public Knowledge: Cameron works for the county with social services department as a Case Manager, she is known as eyes and ears on the streets as well as being a go to person for things that need to be done that aren't exactly by the book.

Her father was a former gang member who was killed in prison.

She was a teacher once upon a time but for some reason changed careers.

Mundane Public Knowledge Cam works with a lot of the local community agencies and can often be found at the local youth center doing projects with he kids or tutoring.

Character Theme Song(s): Silent Ambush

Uktena Kinfolk

If only we could let children be the leaders of the world, what changes would we see, what masterpieces of time and chance would be created.

(Appearance 3, Honest Face-Usually smells of some semi top shelf perfume with an undercurrent of lavender and lilac.)
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