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Gretchen Taylor

Postby Gretchen » Tue Sep 13, 2016 9:28 pm

Name: Gretchen Taylor
Height: 5'9"
Weight/Build: Athletic
Age: Mid 20's
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Dark brown
Fur Color: Dark brown/black
Skin tone: Healthy

Deedname: The Heart's Anchor
Breed: Homid
Auspice: Philodox
Tribe: Black Fury
Rank: Fostern
Sept Position: None
Pack: Alpha of The Brightwing Pack under Duck

Physical Description:
    In Homid: Gretchen is a woman with dark hair and sharp, striking hazel eyes. Her body is svelte and poised, but distinctly toned from years of precision and training. Though she usually wears longer sleeves, it's not hard to make out a tattoo on her right arm without them. Her hair is cut a bit severely, but everything about the woman screams elegance, poise and efficiency. She has no obvious breeding.
    In Crinos: In her warform, Gretchen is almost purely black, save those same burning hazel eyes and bits of gray forming around them. The fur of her right arm is slightly discolored with bits of pastels peeking through the fur.
    In Lupus: Her fur is similar to her hair: nearly black, but mostly brown. Her eyes are unmistakable across her forms, and her athletic build and powerful strength comes across much more in her lupus form. Some bits of gray creep through the fur around her face.
Merits and Flaws:
    Perfect Balance; Bad Liar
Other Distinguishing Characteristics:
    She walks with uncanny grace and carries an authoritative demeanor. For how callous and cold that might seem, she is exceptionally polite and pleasant, no matter how intense.
Sept Public Knowledge:
    Gretchen comes from a sept in Eureka, California, where she served for many years as Truth Catcher. She has been with the Brightwing Pack for many years, but has only stood as alpha for around two.
Mundane Public Knowledge:
    Gretchen lived in Eureka and dropped out of Humboldt State at 19. She works at a girl's finishing school in Los Angeles geared towards more liberal and independent debutantes.

Character Theme Song(s):

Gretchen "Heart's Anchor" Taylor
Fostern Black Fury Homid Philodox
Charisma: 4 (Authoritative) | Manipulation: 2| Appearance: 3| Pure Breed: 0
Rage: 3, Perfect Balance
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