Juliet "Glamour Shot" Montilyet

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Juliet "Glamour Shot" Montilyet

Postby Juliet Montilyet » Tue Sep 13, 2016 12:59 pm

Name: Juliet Montilyet
Height: Tallish
Weight/Build: Photoshopped
Age: 20 something
Eye Color: Soul crushing brown
Hair Color: Crazy wavy brown
Fur Color: They make jewelry from the shed fur, it's so shiny
Skin tone: French


Deedname: Glamour Shot (Shoot to Thrill)
Breed: The Naked One! (Homid)
Auspice: The Best One! (Ragabash)
Tribe: The First One! (Silver Fang)
Rank: Number 2 (Fostern)
Pack: LFP (no really, I need it)

Physical Description:
Homid - Jules is always wearing the latest fashions in yuppie up-in-comings. Her heritage looks distinctly Mediterranean, southern tips of Spain, but there is zero accent. One hundred percent American. If her few movie roles were more popular to warrant a paparazzi following, the tabloids surely would comment about the fact that she is always carrying a snack with her. A woman eating in public? SCANDALOUS! Her hair always looks cute and done up, her face looking natural and flawless. (Read: Make up, it's always makeup.) Some days she likes to pudge out a bit, other's she's in a role for skeleton chic, to the untrained eye it's a bit bizarre on some of her physical changes. Her scent is clean, not a big fan of perfumes, and while she could be driven everywhere, she prefers traveling on a beat up Harley.

Crinos - Big scary monster form! Her Silver Fang breeding shines through in the wiry killing machine that is the fuck-shit-up form.

Lupus - Shiny, lithe, with a dusting of black, her lupus form looks distinctly of European stock.

Merits and Flaws:
Speaking with her is always a treat she just has this yummy aura that people can get along with. It's sickening in a business that wants to hate you for being fake but you're just... not.
Aforementioned snack, always with her. No, seriously, even the errant crumb is charming.

Other Distinguishing Characteristics:
Every once in a while, very much not in public, she can be seen with a very pretty bird on her shoulder. In the Umbra, this bird is always in sight of her. Any lick of animal ken and you can tell this bird is silently banging it's head on the imaginary wall sitting next to it.

Sept Public Knowledge:
Jules participated in the caern raising of the Golden Grape and has fit right in with a city sept.

Mundane Public Knowledge:
B-movie actress, best known for her supporting roles as "The crazy bitch!" or "wholesome victim" and even "got eaten by a shark, twice!" Has had a leading role all of once, but that film ran out of money before launch, so it's somewhere in the dungeon of Movies Never Released.

Character Theme Song(s):
Party at a Rich Dude's House - Kesha
***~Glamour Shot~***
Silver Fang ~ Ragabash ~ Homid ~ Fostern
Charisma 3 | Manipulation 5 (Double Talk) | Appearance 4 (Alluring) | Pure Breed 4
^*~Sanctity~*^ | Fame 2 (B Movie Actress) | Aloof Firebird perched in the Umbra
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