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Name: Lulu K'anahi
Height: 6’3
Weight/Build: 165/ Cut from Steel and Stone
Age: Early Twenties maybe?
Eye Color: Grey
Hair Color: Varies, currently green dreaded.
Fur Color: Grey
Skin tone: Dark olive/Light Copper

Deedname: Strikes in the Dawn
Breed: Homid
Auspice: Ahroun
Tribe: Child of Gaia
Rank: Cliath
Sept Position:

Physical Description: (App 3) At first glance of Lulu she looks like she belongs in some old warrior movie dropped in the middle of a bad Amazon vs. Hercules flick. She seems like she has spent a lifetime in the pits of the earth training with the toughest of the tough. Usually standing taller than anyone in the room, the Ahroun seems to have the muscle to back up the height, while her structure couldn’t win any of the creepy body building contests, she definitely has some form to her arms, shoulders and legs. Various scars seem to cover her body from one battle or the other, but none of them look like thy have ever been particularly fatal. Whether that means she’s that good, or just lucky, hard to tell. Her hair is normally worn in dreads and hangs long down her back almost touching her thighs, but is usually bound together by a leather tie. Various piercings adorn her, though it’s hard to tell what is beneath the clothes, her nose ring and spacers are visible and there seems to be an endless amount of cuffs in her ears. Her nationality is hard to tell at first glance, though there seem to be traces of South American and Pacific Island ancestors. She keeps her clothing simple, usually wearing a thin camisole top and black Dickies that hug her hips paired off with a simple pair of flip flops if not completely barefoot. (I know, weird.) Somewhere between well-endowed and oh my Gaia how do you walk with those things, the Ahroun seems to keep it pretty casual with her attire and style. AND DEAR LORD THIS GIRL ALWAYS SMELLS OF COCONUT AND SAGE/WEED!
She has what appear to be tribal markings that extend from her neck down to the valley of her chest and across her shoulders, the same kinds of markings adorn both of her thighs and expand over her back. Whether they are human, runes or something else is hard to tell.
The eyes though brah, the cheerful eyes seem to pierce straight through to your heart to dig out all the muck and bad stuff and find the soul. Watch out if those eyes ever darken though, just move.

In Lupus form, she is a simple sleek grey wolf, nothing fancy that stands out, but the piercing grey eyes seem to stand out in all of her forms.


Merits and Flaws: Physically Impressive

Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Lulu is almost always seen with a medicine pouch that hangs from one of the loops on her dickies and her hair is usually strewn with beads, while feathers adorn her ears. Her accent is as difficult to distinguish as her Nationality, somewhere between a Kiwi and have you ever even seen the city Island girl? Despite the rage that seems to radiate off of her, Lulu seems to always have an easy to find smile and the typical mellow laid back personality that has been talked about Island people through the ages. There’s an Ahroun in there somewhere, right?

Sept Public Knowledge: Brand new to the area.

Mundane Public Knowledge: Does that weird girl ever wear shoes?

Character Theme Song(s): Somewhere Over the Rainbow Israel "Iz" Ka'ano'i Kamakawiwo'Ole

Child of Gaia I Ahroun I Homid I Cliath

(Rage 5, Physically Impressive, Chr 3, App 3, Mani 2)

(Usually smells of Coconut and weed/sage.)

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