Áine "Druid's Orchard" Úll

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Áine "Druid's Orchard" Úll

Postby Apple » Sat Sep 10, 2016 3:28 pm

Name: Áine Úll (On-ya, Ool) Also known as simply, "Apple"
Height: 5'5
Weight/Build: 119/ healthy, sort of dancerish
Age: Between 16 and 18? Maybe?
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Red
Fur Color: Shining Red and Black, with a little bit of White
Skin tone: Pale as driven snow...

Deedname: "Druid's Orchard"
Breed: Lupus
Auspice: Theurge
Tribe: Fianna
Rank: Fostern
Sept Position: N/A
Pack: N/A

Physical Description: Áine is a very pretty girl, something about her features speaks of the old world, pagans dancing around a fire, Celtic warrior Queens, the sort of beauty that bathed in blood to stay young forever. Her hair is brilliantly red, and her eyes sparkling blue.
Her clothing is very strange and almost certainly not from this era, same goes for her mannerisms...

In Lupus she is a large Red, Black, and White wolf with a shiny coat and yellow eyes.

Merits and Flaws: She does not seem to ever cast a shadow... weird... but spirits seem to really like her, and there is just something strangely wholesome and pure about her.

Other Distinguishing Characteristics:
In general she seems a fairly sweet girl, though a little... off... Don't even get started on the fact she never seems to cast a shadow. She also has very strong Fianna Purebreeding (PB 4)

Sept Public Knowledge:
Nothing known yet

Mundane Public Knowledge:
Nothing known yet.

Character Theme Song(s): "High On A Hill: Kate Rusby", "The Old Apple Tree", "We May Roam Through This World", "When Will My Life Begin?: Tangled"

"In England, the garden of Beauty is kept
By a dragon of prudery placed within call;
But so oft this unamiable dragon has slept,
That the garden’s but carelessly watched after all.
Oh! they want the wild sweet-briery fence,
Which round the flowers of Erin dwells;
Which warns the touch, while winning the sense,
Nor charms us least when it most repels."
Áine "Druid's Orchard" Úll
Fianna | Lupus | Theurge | Fostern
PB 4 (Fianna) | App 4 (Old World Beauty) | Rage 2| Willpower 3 |Per 5 (Sees Beyond) | Wits: 4 (Predator's Intuition)
Merits & Flaws: Spirit Magnet, Sanctity, Natural Channel, Cast No Shadow
Speaks with an Irish Lilt

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