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Jack Youngblood

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Name: Jack Youngblood
Height: 6'4"/6'6" (In boots)
Weight: 184 lbs.
Age: 29
Eye Color: Royal Blue
Hair Color: Dark Chestnut
Skin Tone: Light Tan
Race: Kinfolk
Tribe: Shadow Lords
Sept Position: None
Pack: None
Mate: Ksenia Youngblood

Physical Description:
Jack is tall and lean-looking, with toned, not bulging muscles. He has dark hair over a brooding brow that he keeps short and groomed, and a beard he keeps neatly trimmed. He has a very sleek, purposeful way of moving around. He often smells of a mix of rosewood and cedarwood from the oil he uses on his beard and hair. Jack is usually groomed neatly (but not obsessively or in an overbearing way) according to conventional western human society standards, however, if he's spending more than a day in the wild he's been known to let his hygene slide a little. His clothing is usually neat and washed, with his work suits and lab coats neatly pressed. Outside of work he has a more outdoorsy, western style about himself; usually wearing close-fitting (but not skinny jeans) Wranglers and some sort of plaid button-up over a plain white undershirt. Regardless of whether he is in a suit or jeans, he wears a pair of scrolled leather cowboy boots dyed a dark chocolate color, and a black felt Boss of the Plains-style, flat-brim Stetson with a telescope crease in the top.



Other Distinguishing Characteristics:
Jack usually has his hat on, or in the vicinity of, himself. He drives an olive green 1985 Ford F150 4x4 pickup that once belonged to the Forestry service.

Sept Public Knowledge:
Known to the sept and others in the area as a veterinarian and healer.

Mundane Public Knowledge:
Jack's a pretty good veterinarian with mostly positive reviews on Yelp.

Character Theme Song:
AC/DC - Thunderstruck
Big & Rich - Rollin'
Cowboy Troy - I Play Chicken With The Train
Elton John - Someone Saved My Life Tonight
Elvis Presley - Can't Help Falling In Love
Toby Keith - Should Have Been A Cowboy
Billy Dean - Billy The Kid
Joe Diffie - Third Rock From The Sun
Jack Youngblood
Shadow Lord Kinfolk - Veterinarian
Charisma: 3/Manipulation: 2/Appearance: 2/Intelligence: 4(Lateral Problem Solving)
Animal Ken: 4(Feral Animals)/Academics: 4(Political Science)/Medicine: 5(Veterinary Medicine)
Pure Breed: 3/Numen(Stormcrow): 3/Gnosis: 1
Gall/Good Old Boy

The idea of wilderness needs no defense, it only needs more defenders. - Edward Abbey
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