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Ksenia Divjak

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Name: Ksenia Youngblood nee Divjak
Height: 5'7"
Weight/Build: Svelte with a bit of muscle
Age: 21
Eye Color: Stormy blue, yellow in crinos
Hair Color: Dark brown
Fur Color: Jet black
Skin tone: Pale


Deedname: Chases-Whispers
Breed: Homid
Auspice: Philodox
Tribe: Shadow Lords
Rank: Fostern
Mate: Jack Youngblood

Physical Description:
Homid: Ksenia has fierce stormy blue eyes, soft ivory skin with freckles across her cheeks, forehead and nose. She keeps her hair short in most cases and cannot remember a time when her hair has been long. She keeps the sides of her head shaved, but leaves the top of her hair long so that she may style her hair in any fashion she sees fit (mohawks, messy hair etc), she often dresses somewhat fashionable, but her typical style of dress tends to fall in line with gutter punk, opting for baggy tops to hide her curves and ripped and torn skinny jeans and boots. Some often confuse her gender, which she is fine with as she is quite fluid in her style of dress, however she refuses to wear any sort of dress unless she absolutely has to. Ksenia smells of coffee and fresh cut paper. Her pure breed is evident in her appearance with her strong Eastern European appearance, it is quite obvious she is a Shadow Lord.

Crinos: Ksenia's warform is impressive, while she is mostly thick and stocky in this form and bares the features of her pure breed. Her fur is a deep jet black and her eyes are a vibrant yellow. She has broad shoulders with medium length fur and long upwards pointed ears.

Lupus: Her lupus form looks akin to the Eurasian Wolf, however her coat is jet black with shaggy fur and yellow eyes.

Merits and Flaws:
Language: Ksenia speaks fluent Bosnian
Curiosity: She is always watching people, reading papers. She's always listening and the simplest of mysteries will set her off down a rabbit hole to make sure she figures out what the mystery is.

Other Distinguishing Characteristics:
- Ksenia's Spirit Heritage is slightly obvious in the umbra, her form ripples like slightly disturbed water.
- She often always carries a green notebook along with a neon green pen, which she can be found writing in when she's alone or at moots. She doesn't really let anyone see her notebook and is protective of it.
- She's known to hold a person's attention when she speaks and is quite charming.
- She exudes an air about her that evokes interest, admiration and attention.

Sept Public Knowledge:
- Ksenia has been at the sept since its raising.
- Ksenia is rather progressive for a Shadow Lord (more welcoming in her views).
- Her father Ahroun Rijad “Bloody-Maw” Divjak fled Bosnia during the Bosnian war after his sept was destroyed.
- She has just married Jack Youngblood as an arranged marriage set up between her father and Jack's mother.
- Ksenia came from a Sept at Mount Shasta (Sept of the Sundering Stone)

Mundane Public Knowledge:
- Ksenia is a second generation immigrant.
- Her parents immigrated from Bosnia fleeing from the Bosnian War.
- Her mother Jasmina Divjak is an outspoken human rights activist and spoke against the atrocities enacted upon her people in Srebrenica.
- Ksenia has lived in California all her life, she is from the Mount Shasta Area.
- Ksenia works at a newspaper company in LA.
- Ksenia loves to write short stories, poetry etc.

Character Theme Song(s):
Makes the Wind - Super Duper Ft. Remi
You - Us Baby Bear Bones
U Dont Know - Alison Wonderland
California Girls - NoMBe
Lemon Scent - Dead Sara
Don't Believe It - Molly Moore


Ksenia “Chases-Whispers” Youngblood
Fostern Homid Shadow Lord Philodox
Charisma: 4 (Captivating) | Manipulation: 4 (Forked-Tongue) | Appearance 4 (Alluring)
Leadership: 4 (Compelling | Primal-Urge: 4 (Shifting Forms) | Subterfuge: 4 (The Long Con) |
Rage: 4 | Pure Breed: 4 | Spirit Heritage: 3 – Water Elemental
Great Liar | Curiosity

"Well, she's a beauty from afar. But there's no beauty in that heart. All the torment, she would bring
In her eyes, I failed to see."

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