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Del Summerland

Postby Del » Fri Sep 09, 2016 9:46 am

Name: Del Summerland
Height: 5'5
Weight/Build: Some curve but athletic
Age: Early Twenties
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Red
Skin tone: Pale and freckled

Tribe: Child of Gaia
Garou Family: Father is an Athro Ragabash in Colorado

Physical Description:
Del always smells of various incense, but it seems she changes it up for various days. Her long red hair adorned in dreadlocks is one of the first things people Notice about her. Her body is curvy in all the right places but she also looks like she may work out on occasion.

Merits and Flaws:

Other Distinguishing Characteristics:
There is a spirit of Unicorn always around her in the umbra, watching her every move it seems. Her personality is a bit odd and super chill.

Sept Public Knowledge:
She owns a holistic health shop that also sells special request items of the occult nature and provides personal healing sessions to clientele.

Mundane Public Knowledge:
She owns a holistic health shop.
Del Summerland
Child of Gaia Kinfolk
Pure Breed 3
Unicorn Spirit always around her in the umbra
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