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Andrea Verela

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Name: Andrea Varela
Tradition: Orphan
Height: 5'3"
Weight/Build: Slender/thin
Age: 24
Eye Color: Pale green/hazel
Hair Color: Naturally: Brown. Currently: Bleach blonde
Skin tone: Fair

Physical Description: Andrea has been told on more than one occasion that if she only took better care of herself, she could be a model. Her figure is thin, but slightly emaciated. She is lean and without much muscle. Her bleach blonde hair has brown roots showing and is generally left down and tossled or put up haphazardly. Her clothing style is a thrift-store hodge podge of grunge, punk and bohemian (with the occasional super lacey, fluffy, girly sundresses). While she makes some degree of effort to remain clean, she's often left wearing the same articles of clothing over various days and cycles through only a small handful of options. The faint aroma of weed can be picked up on her hair and clothing.

Merits and Flaws: Andrea is a complete over-confident, thrill-seeker. She either doesn't believe herself capable of failing, or doesn't care about the consequences.

Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Despite having a personality which can be a bit intense upon first meeting, Andrea has been described as charming and can be great company when afforded the opportunity. For the notably perceptive, it's evident that the woman is guarded about her relationships in general. And though she is somewhat lax about her own self care and concern, she does not extend this same aloof attitude toward others.

Chantry Public Knowledge: The local Tradition mages would know very little about Andrea. She has never been a member of any Chantry and has kept very loose connections with mages in general. (If you're playing a Mage from New York and want connections, PM me!)

Mundane Public Knowledge: Without clear indication as to why, she's a recent transplant from New York. She's been found sleeping at various parks in the LA area (though not usually in the same place two nights in a row) and carries around a large back pack with her personal effects.

Character Theme Song(s):

Andrea Varela
Mage - Orphan
Charisma: 3 | Manipulation: 4 (Charm) | Appearance: 3
"Don't you wanna know why we keep starting fires?"
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