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Gunther Dietrich

Postby Gunther Dietrich » Thu Sep 15, 2016 12:57 pm

Name: Gunther Dietrich
Tradition: Virtual Adepts Aka Mercurial Elite
Height: 5' 11''
Weight/Build: 145lb (Slim)
Age: 19
Eye Color: Grey
Hair Color: Dirty blonde
Skin tone: Tan

Physical Description:
Gunther is a tall man but he's not imposing. He looks thin, capable of wearing your sister's jeans and making it look good. He can come off as exuberant at times, easily excitable but he is able to contain his enthusiasm. Once in a while, in a serious situation, he grows somber and the shadows fall on his face just so- like he is contemplating your fate and your place in his plans.

Aside from that he looks fairly harmless. He's looks like your typical country corn fed southern boy. Then he opens his mouth and he sounds more like a Silicon Valley kid than anything else. He doesn't have much of an accent, his English is very good but some of the colloquialism is a bit outdated. He speaks carefully as if he was measuring his words.

He smells like gun oil and clean soap with no fragrance.

Merits and Flaws:

Other Distinguishing Characteristics:
He has this cat on his shoulder, about a year old, she has gray fur with white paws and tawny eyes. If you look very closely, you would notice her eyes look like LCD screens and you can hear the soft hum of energy. She's a familiar.

Chantry Public Knowledge:
There is no public knowledge.

Mundane Public Knowledge:
There are no public mundane knowledge. [PM myself/staff for more]

Character Theme Song(s):
The Antlers-Kettering
Gunther Dietrich |Virtual Adept
App 4 | Cat
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