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Caitriona O'Sullivan

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Name: Caitriona O’Sullivan
Tradition: Verbena
Height: 5’5”
Weight/Build: Slim
Age: mid-twenties
Eye Color: light blue-greem
Hair Color: medium brown
Skin tone: fair and freckled

Physical Description and Distinguishing Characteristics:
Caitriona carries herself with naturally good posture that holds a confident and noteworthy presence despite her narrow frame. Her face is pretty but her features do not wholly conform to conventional American beauty. True to Irish stereotype, her skin is covered in a smattering of freckles. Her darkish hair falls to the middle of her shoulder in a mild, sometimes messy, wave. She bares multiple tattoos of woods and fauna on her back, right arm, left arm, legs.

Caitriona often dresses in a mix of bohemian and casual style, favoring skirts over pants, but sometimes will dress up in a classy dress as suits the occassion. She usually wears her hair down or braided. She often goes without make-up, but when she wears it, she using leans towards a creative and artistic look.

Caitriona’s accent is mostly, but not quite, Californian. She has a subtle song in her voice that would suggest influence from the British isles sometime in her youth.

Caitriona bathes in natural soaps, and will often smell subtly honeysuckle, lavender or sage.

Merits and Flaws:
Feral Appearance: Caitriona always appears just a bit wild and untouched by modernity. Her eyes are sharp and her teeth are long, hinting at a predatory heritage.

Echos: Corvids - crows, ravens, magpies and the like - are always flocked nearby whenever Caitriona is present. They appear to have an odd affinity towards her.

(Mage Only) Honored Lineage: Caitriona’s family, the O’Sullivans, claim to be of an ancient celtic bloodline of Wyck.

(Garou only) Outsider Kin: Though Caitriona possesses the breeding of the Fianna tribe [PB 1], she has no known associations with the local garou.

Chantry Public Knowledge:
Caitriona has recently arrived to the Los Angeles Chantry. She lived in Los Angeles before it establishment but was gone during its founding.

Caitriona’s grandmother, Maureen O’Sullivan, called Los Angeles her home, though she recently past away. She was a very traditional Verbena, as were those in her coven. Her coven traveled frequently and was only minimally involved with the Los Angeles Chantry. They have since departed, after Maureen’s death.

Mundane Public Knowledge:
Caitriona recently arrived in the Los Angeles area.

Caitriona lived in the Los Angeles area during her teen years but was homeschooled during that time. She attended college at UC Berkeley, graduating in 2013. She spent the last few years traveling in parts of Europe and Central and South America.

Character Theme Song(s):
Skyfall - Adele
Whisper - Evanescence
Stand My Ground - Within Temptation

Caitriona O'Sullivan | Pronunciation: Kah-TREE-na | Verbena | Honored Lineage
Echoes (Corvids gather nearby) | Danger Sense | Outsider Kinfolk | Feral Appearance
Charisma 4 (Confident) | Appearance 3 | Fianna Purebreed 1
Tattoos: back, right arm, left arm, legs
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