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Name: Eris
Tradition: The Hollow Ones
Height: 5'7"
Weight/Build: Thin
Age: 20s
Eye Color: Usually brown, but stranger things have happened.
Hair Color: Rainbow undercut
Skin tone: Pasty ass nerd girl

Physical Description:
    Eris is one of the most distinct individuals in local supernatural circles. The only thing consistent about her is that she always looks different. By and large, she favors very off-the-wall attire, and of recent has been sporting rainbow hair. She's prone to wearing contacts, and has a fondness for mix-and-matching them. Her body is slender, but fit, and clearly trained for some form of athletics or dance. She wears small gauges in her earlobes and tends towards worn boots or sneakers. The woman has an eclectic fashion sense and rarely wears anything you would see on a mannequin in a store. She has tattoos on her left and right hip. Her ring of keys sports an unsurprising keychain.
    Those who spend enough time in her presence have probably met her cat Iris. For obvious reasons, Iris doesn't go outside much.

Merits and Flaws:
    Surreal Quality - There's something otherworldly about Eris and her eccentricities that people just can't shake.
    Blessing - Eris' eyes tend to change color, sometimes during conversation.
    Legend 2 - Discordia

Other Distinguishing Characteristics:
    Eris is definitely a local. She talks like one and demonstrates obvious area knowledge. She tends to be easily distracted and switches topics and activities quite frequently, unabashedly citing boredom. Eris is very much a fidgeter and it's safe to assume she has an oral fixation.

Chantry Public Knowledge:
    Our little rainbow brat is a Hollow One, who's spent about two years coming in and out of the Chantry. It's pretty clear that, if not for the Sphinx, Eris likely wouldn't involve herself with other mages, except to revel in their unpredictability. She is not a person to be given sole responsibility over a task, but has enough experience with Life and Entropy to be of use. Rumor has it she also has ties to a local Discordian cult.

Mundane Public Knowledge:
    Eris is, in fact, her performance/artist name. She performs under the title at various burlesque spots throughout the city, as well as participating in a number of street fairs and art shows selling her various designs from painting to fashion. She also has worked just about everywhere that would hire her, though never for more than six months.

Character Theme Song(s):

Hollow One, Legend 2 (Discordia)
Appearance 4 (Eclectic), Charisma 4 (Wild Child)
Surreal Quality
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