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Name: Stefan
Tradition: Pfft Tradition?
Height: Whatever he wants it to be
Weight/Build: Whatever he wants it to be
Age: Ageless beauty
Eye Color: All of them
Hair Color: Usually brown or blonde

Physical Description:
Stefan is a spirit that resides in the Chantry. It is known that he is some sort of Arcane knowledge spirit, having accumulated centuries upon centuries worth of arcane material. His exact nature is unknown. Whether he is secretly some umbrood lord, a manifestation of Hermes or Thoth. Or else just a very powerful middle umbra spirit that represents knowledge and power, or perhaps a super wraith who managed to ascend to some higher form. No one really knows, it is not even known if Stefan knows. In his natural form he exists as a shimmering outline, pure energy. But, he has the power to look like anyone he wants. He generally uses this to look like various celebrities, his favorite is Ryan Reynolds.

Other Distinguishing Characteristics:
Stefan has some connection to the Chantry that allows him to manipulate it some how. If you want more than the basic room that is offered, you have to deal with Stefan. The degree he is able to manipulate the rooms is evident with the Sentinels subrealm for an office. He is cocky and smug, but generally is otherwise benevolent unless you piss him off. He is very flirty, and is a source of many rumors both true and false.

Chantry Public Knowledge:
As far as anyone knows, Stefan has been around since the Chantry was refounded many years ago. It is said that Victoria was the one who convinced him to stay when the Chantry reopened. Stefan's only demand was that he remain Librarian keeper of knowledge. He is a useful asset in his wealth of knowledge and ability to manipulate the Chantry. Though as a spirit he rarely does so for free. He often has odd tasks that can range from something serious like 'get me volcanic ash from mount Vesuvius' to 'get me a sample of Mikael's fart'. Sometimes his requests can be appropriate and reasonable, othertimes they seem random, sexual favors, or just plain weird.

Mundane Public Knowledge:
Does not exist in the real world. Unless you count Ryan Reynolds, then I am where he is.

Stefan is really in charge of the Chantry
Stefan had a four way with Victoria, Caelan, Amelia and Mikael.
Stefan is the most powerful being in the universe
He once defeated an army of Nephandi with Mikaels farts
He is very good at rumors
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