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Amelia Gray- NPC

Postby Amelia Gray » Mon Aug 29, 2016 1:05 am

Name: Amelia Gray
Tradition: Celestial Chorus
Height: 5’5
Weight/Build: Slender
Age: Early to mid twenties
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Blonde
Skin tone: Fair

Physical Description:
Amelia is a classically pretty blonde girl with short hair, hazel eyes and incredibly fair skin. While pretty, she seems to sort of have a girl next door vibe as opposed to just being classically beautiful. What is really striking is her enchanting voice, coupled with an aura of purity that surrounds her she seems like a delicate figure. However, if one happens to spot her aura, they will see a hidden power unlilke anything they have ever seen.

Merits and Flaws:
Enchanting Voice
Animal Magnetism
Burning Aura: Her Aura radiates with holy power
True Faith: When combined with her aura, she radiates power that is almost blinding.
Other Distinguishing Characteristics:
Amelia is a kind person who is always smiling, she comes off as very approachable. Though she rarely goes out of her way to meet people, she is always available for others.

Chantry Public Knowledge:
Amelia is the leader of the Celestial Chorus and spends much of her time at the Chantry. Although there is a choister Chantry in the county, she chooses to be in L.A.

Mundane Public Knowledge:
Amelia Gray is an active member of the Emmanuel Reformed Church, and also has known connections to Catholic officials as well.

Amelia was once a pagan Verbana who converted
Amelia was once a member of the Templar Knights and now works as a Templar for the Celestial Chorus
Stefan and Amelia dated for four months which ended in him breaking her heart
Appearance 3
Animal Magnetism
Enchanting Voice
Burning Aura
True Faith
Celestial Chorus member of the Council

-This is an NPC, if needed please contact The Archmage
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