Detection (Rage, Pure Breed, etc)

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Detection (Rage, Pure Breed, etc)

Postby Gretchen » Tue Sep 13, 2016 6:43 am

Pure Breed
  • Is Pure Breed tribe-specific?
  • If so, what happens to it when birth tribe and actual tribe differ?
  • Is it intuitively sensed by kin?
  • Can non-kin be trained to recognize it?

  • At what point is rage considered 'obvious'? 4+? Any?
  • Humans can inherently sense rage as per the Curse. Can garou? Can kin without Recognize Garou? Can mages?
  • Are mages affected by The Curse?

  • Do things like Blessing, Surreal Quality, Legend, etc., ping as THAT'S SUPERNATURAL? Or are they things that make us go 'huh' and not intrinsically suspect anything?
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Re: Detection (Rage, Pure Breed, etc)

Postby Legend » Tue Sep 13, 2016 10:40 am

Pure Breed:

1. Yes.
2. If you choose a different tribe than your pure breed then your pure breed loses it spiritual potency. It may or may not still be noticeable but it grants no benefits.
3. Yes
4. No.

1. Rage is never really obvious
2. Someone's supernaturalness can be detected with Primal-Urge or Awareness see thread
3. Yes

1. They would ping as supernatural.
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