Two Tales of Two Galliards (Meret Lit)

Two Tales of Two Galliards (Meret Lit)

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A piece of paper with a handwritten story on it was tacked to a corkboard near the Warders office. It was written in a familiar hand.

Two Tales, Two Galliards

Once there was a Galliard who was strong and clever. He ran with a Pack of others who were also strong and clever, but he was the best, so he was Alpha. One day the War Leader bade his Pack to go and Combat the Wyrm. A nest of Fomori had been found, and they needed the most clever to deal with them discreetly, as this nest was in the middle of a well-populated city.
The Galliard ordered his Pack to sneak in through the Umbra, while he would enter by himself through the front door and distract one. But when he rang the doorbell, the woman who answered was so lovely and beguiling. She used the powers granted to her by the Wyrm to sway his heart and his mind so that he fell in love with her and would protect her at all cost. As he saw his Pack enter from down the stairs he knew that they were there to kill her, so he took her hand and they fled.
His Pack stayed the course and destroyed the other Wyrm creatures that were within the house, but the commotion that the Galliard had caused caused such alarm that the Fomori began to scream for help from their neighbors. The Pack tried to chase their Galliard, and the youngest of them thew a knife into the Fomoris back. Such a sight angered the Galliard that he frenzied in the middle of the street.
The fallout at the Caern was devastating. The Sept Alpha not only had to deal with the police being called, a burning building (For in the aftermath and without guidance, the Pack thought it wisest to burn the house with the bodies), and witnesses, but she also ahd to purge the internet and you tube of all known video. This required calling in powerful favors.

The next tale is one of another Galliard. Another Alpha of her Pack. This Alpha was Wise and had a heart like none other. She led her Pack into an Umbral pocket-realm where there lay a trapped spirit. A long lost Tribal-Sister. So long had she been in this pocket realm that she melded with the spirits of the Fetishes she was trying to hide, so this became a horrifying spiritual-chimera. All of Wyld, Weaver and Wyrm. The Galliard, with a heart like thunder led her Pack into battle to release their fallen sister. Time and time again the creature they fought tried to seize their minds but time and time again the Pack resisted. Until the Alpha, for just a moment, could not. As the Spirit lay dying it collapsed into a dozen pieces, each representing a bit of whatever it had once been.
The Galliard, her mind still gripped by the dying spirits power, attempted to consume the corrupted flesh. Her Packmate gripped her jaws wide and another removed the meat before she could swallow it and allow it to corrupt herself.

Both of these Garou were Galliards. Alphas of their Pack, and Athro in Rank. One thought him to be so clever and strong that he did not need his Pack at his side. The other was wise and knew that she must keep her Sisters with her, for together they made each other stronger.

Pack. Pack does not make you weak. Pack makes you strong. Pack is stronger then the sum of its parts. To be a lone wolf is to be dead. Or worse, to bring trouble to your Sept.

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Meret 'Echoes of the Past'
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