Onward and downward (Acid lit)

Onward and downward (Acid lit)

Postby Acid Rain » Sun Feb 12, 2017 3:40 am

Acid sat on his bed, staring at the wall. It was quiet; he was alone. In this quiet, thought he usually pushed away as Human Mind things, melted into his mind as if they came from his Wolf Heart. But they could not be from it.

Yet, here they were. Things that confused and made him whimper.

He had come here to tell others of the disease, and Ksenia-rhya had promised to help. But more and more, Acid realized how foolish it was.

He hated the box with moving pictures, but even Weavers books told it. It was a dead land, unfit for living.
They had always known.

But not his tribe, not his family. They reclaimed the land, blind to the destruction.

Or... Maybe they had not listened. Maybe others -had- warned them, and they had jus-

Acid shook his head, feeling his stomach turn at the heresy. Other tribes could mock his tribe, they could prattle on with their monkey speech while they forgot Wolf Hearts. But -his- tribe was one of the old traditions that had lasted them since Impegrium had ended. They were not fools.

But Heron, the spirit that had chosen his pack, pushed him to uncover the truth. And the truth was plain, what he had thought as his tribe was in parts false. Griffin had let a -human- kin stay, and Mega's words on how his tribe treated her sickened him. It was one thing that she existed; it was another that they had tried to -mate- with her. Could they be so cruel? Gaia..

Beingsomuchinhuman skin so much had made him see and hear other things too. Thingsthatmadelittlesense to a wolf to think of. But things humans saw as wrong.

They chased Josh from his pack as a yearling for liking other males. And the Talon had noticed how humans saw it. It was bizarre, humans bared their teeth at those who were with their own, and those who were with other males or females never mated with females at all. Not that Acid cared much about there being more humans.

But he? He had stopped to stare at other males, his Human Mind telling him they were worth mounting. But he could not. His role was to watch cubs, guard the den and stay away from those who could breed.

Yet, to humans, you were or. Either you mated with females, or with males. But how could they get cubs then? Whatwasthepoint of mating if you had no cubs?

Books said it was wrong and so those who mated with males fought to defend themselves.

Acid would have sidelined this all as further human foolishness, but his ownHuman Mindthoughthe was like that as well. And after seeing Bacchus, the image of the Totem had stuck in his head like a burr. A burr that the could not bite off.

He had not felt same about females at all.

Acid planted his head in the bed, grumbling. He took his wolf-shape, biting at the loose hairs on his behind to dislodge the mental burr. His teeth dug a little deep in his flank, however, and he tasted blood. Acid lowered his ears, sighing.

It did not hurt, again. He had lost a lot of fur and flesh as a cub before he realized he had to watch for these moments. When his legs and tail lost their feeling when he could not run, but drag himself like a dead thing brought back.

Wolves lived in the 'now' mostly, and Red Talons tried to still keep their minds that way. But Acid feared the day his back paws never feel again, or when his lungs stopped working. He'd gladly die for his pack and Gaia, but not on the floor gasping for breath in his own vomit.

Acid shook himself, snarling at the thought. Though, it was his purpose. Unlike Meret, who had lived when she had been attacked, Acid had only known his duty as a guardian. And expected to die in the city.

The Human Mind wondered if the Elders had hoped him to die by his own claws. Or attacking humans. yet, he endured... Even through the totem quest. How long could he last? How long until the radiation killed him? How long until a Spiral noticed his weak link, and gutted him?

The Talon snapped his teeth, claws digging into the covers. He had never feared so much, and he had never been in such a good condition.
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