Mere-rabbit and the cracked screen (Meret Lit)

Mere-rabbit and the cracked screen (Meret Lit)

Postby Meret » Thu Jan 26, 2017 8:40 pm

Meret paced. Up and down the long part of the room she shared with Acid Rain. To the window, turn, then she walked past the beds, down the hall that had the closet on one side and the bathroom on the other. When she got to the open door she stopped, turned, then back again.

On the desk sat her innocent cel phone. Looking at her with a screen that already bore a long crack.

Breathe. Pace. Turn. Breathe.

This is what humans feel. Stop it.

Warrior of Gaia. Battle-Bard. One of Owl's children, who survived all despite every obstacle being thrown into her face. Still alive. Still walking. Terrified of sending a text message.

Turn. Breathe. Pace. Breathe.

Hands shoved into pockets. Her hair still damp from the shower she had taken to try and still her restless mind. She should be at the map, trying to find out how everything was connected. She should be in the gym, trying to build her muscle. It had been effective. She was stronger then she was since coming here. The muscles in her skinny arms felt like slender little bars of steel.

She already ran several miles by the time the sun came up. Ate two breakfasts. Showered. She should busk today, but she was too restless.

Pace. Breathe. Breathe. Pace. Turn.

Stormy eyes looked at the phone again, its screen glossy and black. One white scar running down the length of the glass.

How long should I wait? Is waiting a thing?

Meret could imagine Simone sitting there on the edge of the bed. Laughing at her, her dark eyes sparking. "Someone has a crush!" She would tease. All long dark hair and high cheekbones and laughter that would make you forgive her of any crass thing she would say.

No I don't.

"Then why are you wound up so tight, Mere-rabbit?"


"Awful lot of nothing."
She would laugh again, making Meret laugh as well. Shy, but warm. Genuine. Back when she had a voice and a friend that she adored.

I miss you, SImone. Meret had stopped pacing. Now she stood. Looking at the empty space that the Ragabash could have been occupying.

"I know you do."

Come back?

"You have to find me."
Another laugh.

I lost you.

"I know. But you have to live, Mere-rabbit. You arent' gonna find me here under your bed. You have to live. Live beyond the borders of this place. Walls never did suit you."

Meret stood, her head down. She was alone, and her heart ached. There was a space inside that the laughing, irreverent Uktena occupied just before Meret had to leave her. Lulu had started to fill that space, but the Child of Gaia was rare nowadays. Meret looked at her phone again, breathing through her nose. Mouth a thin line.

Fingers and toes tingled again. Like they would when one might have a little too much wine. She exhaled.

The phone was collected by her calloused fingers and roughly shoved into her pocket. The flannel that had been hanging on the back of the chair got snatched and tossed on to hide her skinny frame. A red bandanna around her throat completed the look and with a heart that was near beating out her chest she walked out the down and down the corridor.
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