Wake Me Up Inside (Some Violence)

Wake Me Up Inside (Some Violence)

Postby Cameron Cooper » Thu Nov 17, 2016 11:11 pm

Cam hadn't been able to sleep, memories of the past flooding her mind. She had gotten up in the middle of the night dressed only in her pj's and a t-shirt and started driving, she knew where she was heading before she even left the house, though she tried to lie to herself and say it wasn't there. Not again. Not in the dead of night. He had always told her to stay away from hallowed ground at night, it wasn't safe and it drew bad spirits.

She drove away from downtown, from the fancy side of town and towards the lower in come areas. Where people weren't quite yet thugs and criminals, but where people were cautious when a car slowed down in the neighborhood in the middle of the night, she drove until she reached the county cemetary. It was one of those cheap overrun places where people couldn't afford to bury their loved ones in nice tree lined views, the grass was dead here, there were no trees. Most of the markers were falling over and worn down.

She pulled into one of the empty spots and pushed on the gate already knowing it would be locked, thankfully not eating for a few days had shed her a few pounds and she was able to slip past the space between the gate and she made her way farther in. She was barefoot and winced every so often she stepped on a burr but for the most part ignored it until she reached where she was heading.

Michael Eagle's Blood Cooper


They still hadn't put the date in.. of course they hadn't... she knelt down by the marker that was nicer than some of the others, only because she had worked her fingers to the bone at that shitty assignment in Watts to get it paid for. She scraped away some of the dried weeds and dead leaves that had fallen there and didn't seem to notice when the stone became stained with the moisture dripping from her eyes.

"Hey daddy.."

She said softly as she tossed the debris away, cursing when she picked up a beer can that was near his headstone and moving it away to be picked up later. Sitting back on her heels she hung her head for a few moments, sitting in silence with her father before she started to speak again in an ancient language. She spoke to him of all the goings on in the world right now. Of how awful twenty-sixteen was, how their people in North Dakota were being betrayed by a government that hated them, but how the unification was happening in great porportions. She told him about the lonliness that always semeed to creep in this time of year and how much she missed him...

She didn't realize that she was thinking of the past until the images started flooding past her head.

"NO! NO let him GO!" Dozen's of people lined the neighborhood as the federal police shoved their suspect forward towards their car, racial slurs slipping past their tongues as the people behind them cried. A teenage girl shoved past the crowd and lunged forward at one of the cops, he spun and back handed the girl to the ground with a snarl.

"Don't touch me! I'll have your ass in cuffs and alongside Cheif here quicker than you an say teepee you little brat!"

The man that had been in cuffs growled and spun yanking away from the man that had him and spitting at the feet of the man who had hit the girl. "Touch my daughter again and I'll gut you alive, wasichu."

Another elderly man came from the crowd, waving their arrest warrant papers. "You have no jurisdiction here, you have no right to arrest this man!"

"The federal government says I do." Michael who was still struggling against the officers continued to try to fight them, but it only resulted in him getting taken to the ground and kneed to the head. The girl who had attacked the officer before sobbed as she crawled forward on the ground towards him.

"Daddy, daddy stop, stop please! I'm okay, I'm okay!" She assured him, blood dripping from her nose and mouth as she tried to get close to him, only to be pulled back away by one of the female officers that shown up.

There were cries from the crowd asking for someone to call the Sheriff, this was wrong, Michael Cooper was a good man, he didn't deserve this. He was being set up!

No one seemed willing to listen though, by now, one of Michael's eyes had swollen shut as he was pulled to his feet, his head hanging down as he fought to keep from passing out, the girl yanked away from the officer who had her and dashed past another couple of officers to get to her father, throwing her arms around him.

"Please don't take him! He didn't do anything!" She begged them, pleaded. Michael lowered his head down, the arms of his only child around him drawing him conscious enough to know this could get deadly fast. He called out to the crowd of people who were starting to get angry which in turn was making the officers all keep their hands on their guns.

"Go home." He called to them. "Go home, lock your doors and stay inside. Jacob, take my daughter home. There is nothing that can be done tonight, call the tribal office and let them know what happened, let them know I need an attorney."

It was the last words he spoke as he was shoved into the car, the other unmarked vehicles were all starting to drive away the last one containing her father. The rest of the officers all started piling in as the one who had hit Cameron wiped her blood from his hand with a wet nap and threw it on the ground. "You savages make me sick." He snarled in disgust before getting in the car and starting it up.

Cam must have ran for a mile that night, she absently rubbed at the scars on the bottom of her feet remembering the pain of the jagged rocks tearing her skin as she chased after her father for as long as she could before she collapsed in exhaustion.

The Kin blinked as she looked around the cold empty graveyard and looked back down at the headstone.

"Happy Birthday daddy."

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