The Adventure of Morton's Salt Girl

The Adventure of Morton's Salt Girl

Postby Ksenia » Sat Sep 17, 2016 1:13 am

“You don’t look like the type to wear a dress.” Came a voice from behind Ksenia, slowly her head turned to find the source of that voice. Ksenia’s blue eyes drifted over the bleach blonde girl no older than twenty-three. She had that typical California look, the tan, the nice hair, and the tits. She searched for a nametag and found it sitting right next to her amble cleavage. Mandy. Mandy your tits are fake and it’s plainly obvious. Yet Ksenia found it was hard to read her name without staring right at them. In fact she tears her eyes from the girl and back at her face. Brown eyes. She liked green and blue.

“Is it that obvious?” Ksenia asked with a raised brow before she puts herself on display to the sales woman. Truth be, told dresses made her uncomfortable but she wanted something nice to wear. Ksenia looked down at her clothing, her ratty blue skinny jeans looked like they had seen better days, her baggy tank top hid most of her body and then shoes, Ksenia always seemed to wear the same broken worn in boots. Yeah she did not belong in this store. Mandy laughed a little and gave a soft nod of her head.

“Yea it is, but you picked a pretty color.” She says while stepping towards Ksenia. Ksenia’s own eyes wandered back to the dress she had been touching on the rack. She thought it was pretty herself. “Blue is a nice color.” Ksenia replied in a near whisper as she ran her fingers over the nearly sheer sky blue fabric. Mandy moved around her to pick the right size off the rack for Ksenia and held it out to her.

“I think you’d look great in this. You going to a fancy affair in this?” Mandy asked. Ksenia suddenly felt on the spot. The philodox never had trouble speaking before and she found herself searching for answers only when she thought of Jack or she happened to be around him.

“Um.. no. I’m getting married.” Ksenia finally managed to choke out the right words. They seemed to be what Mandy wanted to hear, as the girl just seemed to light up.

“Girl! Why are you picking this blue dress if you are getting married? There’s a bridal shop not far from here, get you a wedding dress, after all it’s your big day!” Mandy couldn’t contain her excitement. Ksenia could. She wasn’t excited. She was terrified.

“I don’t want a wedding dress, and I’m not having a wedding. Look can I just try this dress on?” Ksenia snapped at the girl with a glare; she then reached out and snatched the hanger from Mandy rather abruptly.

This hurt Mandy’s feelings and Ksenia read her body language right. She closed herself off to Ksenia and looked rather hurt, but she moved to direct Ksenia to the changing room. “You can look a yourself in the mirror out here, we have good lighting.” Mandy said in a more professional manner. Ksenia simply gave a soft noise of understanding and disappeared into the changing room.

She didn’t know what the hell she was doing. It would be the time now to just have a breakdown in the middle of a store changing room. What was it with changing rooms and revelations about life? Like some high fashion confessional for the vapid.

“Fuck me.” Ksenia muttered as she adjusted the dress. It showed way too much chest but it was fine, the slit in the front was high and made her feel uncomfortable but she felt her boots made a great statement to this dress. She wasn’t sure what it was just yet. “And thus the weird brown caterpillar turns into a weird pretty butterfly.” Ksenia says while swishing the dress like wings. Satisfied with herself Ksenia steped out of the chancing room to be greeted with the wide doe eyes of Mandy.

“Oh. My. God. That is perfect on you. You look amazing.” She gushed while moving around Ksenia to adjust her dress. Though Mandy does stop to fiddle with the necklace Ksenia wore around her neck. “Oh wow this is beautiful, where’d you get it?” She asked.

“My fiancé’s family made it. Don’t. Don’t touch.” Ksenia said as she slightly slapped the girl’s hand away from her.

“Oh.. Well. He’s going to love this on you.” Mandy says as she stepped back. “Who’s the lucky guy?” She asked abruptly.

The question throws Ksenia and she felt a hitch in her breathing. This is what it felt like to be on the side of prey. It wasn’t fear though it was something else. Those lingering memories of his body pressed against her. His mouth on hers, the way he tasted. She almost doesn’t realize she’s stumbling through his name and occupation. “J-Jack his name is Jack and he’s a veterinarian.”

“Jack the veterinarian.” Mandy said while turning Ksenia towards the mirror. “Is he hot?” She asked while fluffing out the bottom of her dress.

Ksenia stared at herself, brows furrowed as she scrutinized every aspect of her dress and form. “He’s got the bluest eyes.” Ksenia replied. “The best smile. He smells amazing.” Then there was the revelation that she was starting to get used to him, that she was comfortable, almost, with him.

Mandy seemed in awe of Ksenia’s description of Jack, smirking wide as Ksenia spoke. “How long have you known him?” Mandy asked.

That moment Ksenia shut down entirely and pointed at the dressing room. “I’m going to buy this. Can you just ring me up?” Ksenia didn’t even wait for Mandy to agree, she just stepped away from the woman and disappeared into the changing room, only to come out moments later with the dress on the hanger. She made a B-line for the register already pulling out her wallet and credit card. She was done talking to Mandy with the bleach blonde hair and the fake tits. She wanted out of here so she could go somewhere else.

She was finally free of that woman, who didn’t seem to want to take the hint that she really had zero desire to speak to her in further detail about how the two met. She couldn’t exactly say that it was an arranged marriage by her very angry father. That she had never met Jack before he showed up at her door. This wasn’t normal American dating. She could have lied, but in that moment she was so frazzled.

She knew at a young age that her life was never normal. First it started with her father’s anger outbursts, and sometimes her mom cried a lot. She recalled an instance where her mother was cooking dinner when she was little, the news played as background noise as she helped her mom put out plates at the table.

Something triggered an emotional response with her mom that sent her into a mess of tears and sobbing. She didn’t understand then but as Ksenia got older she began to see the signs of PTSD. Her mother was strong, but Srebrenica did something to her. It was later that Ksenia learned just what was done to her and why her father was so angry. It was why she viewed her mother as a strong force, stronger than any Garou she’d ever meet.

That was normal for her. Normal for her wasn’t high fashion boutiques or stupid shit like what was the newest fashion trend. Normal for her was the weird curiosity shop at the corner of Sunset Boulevard. Normal for her was being able to turn into a massive werewolf. She’d take that over the shit she saw most days. She’d take having an arranged marriage with a man she never knew over being stuck dating some surfer jackass with one level of personality and zero intelligence.

These were her thoughts as she sat in the back of a Lyft. Her boxed dress sat in her lap. She watched the people walk by on the sidewalk of Sunset and when she arrived at her destination she tipped her driver and got out.

Mento Mori was her next stop for several things. She wanted something with a crow on it to adorn her dress or her body, and she wanted to gift something to Jack that he might like. This was the place for those strange things.

She always enjoyed walking into this shop. It was large and smelled so interesting and strange. She quite enjoyed looking at the strange collections of medical tools, taxidermy and art, but she was looking for something specific for herself and she found it in the form of two crow skull earrings. They weren’t real crow skulls, far too small but carved of bone with the beaks painted black for effect. Naturally she picked these up and continued to peruse for something for Jack.

She stopped at a large bookshelf, eyes glancing over the books on the shelves and there she found some things he might like to have. Three books bound in leather, worn and sun faded, vintage Edwardian veterinarian books ranging from disease to anatomy. She piled these books onto her arm and stepped away only to find herself looking at an old and very full vintage Liniment bottle from the 1800s. That gets picked up and she continues to wander the store. She couldn’t find anything else relating to his field of work so she bought the books, earrings and bottle and left with a few gifts.

Ksenia didn’t think these things would really touch the necklace that his family gifted her, but to her there was thought put into what she bought for him even if it was a little weird that she picked vintage books and a bottle of weird. She hoped he liked it, though on her ride back home she had the sudden revelation that she knew nothing about Jack. She knew he was rather dominant and they clashed in that aspect, she knew what he did as a job and she knew he was brave as hell.

Sitting in the back of a Lyft with her head against the window she let her thoughts drift. She was never okay with this arrangement, but she was obligated to go through with it. She realized how selfish she was to never consider a mate or children, how by that very way of thinking she was not doing her duty to Gaia. She told herself over and over that she would do this to make her father happy; to see him proud, but there was always that nagging thought. “He’ll never acknowledge you. It’s just how our Tribe is.”

Shadow Lords don’t praise. Never in her life did her father offer good words or advice. Never was he proud of her achievements. Her mother always told her those words when she sought to show her father something good she did.

“Oh draga, to ne. On te voli, ali to je način našeg plemena.” She would say while smoothing out Ksenia’s hair. “Ne pokazuj slabost, Ksenia" Do not show weakness. Sure mom. Tell an eight year old that. She wasn’t bitter; she grew from it all, as would any in her tribe.

She arrived home a bit late thanks to traffic and quickly hid her dress box and earrings under her bed, but left the books and bottle out on the coffee table, hoping to surprise Jack when he got home. She stared at the gifts, arranged them over and over until she found the best way to display them to grab his attention.

Gaia willing, she would make this work.

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