One last walk (Meret Lit)

One last walk (Meret Lit)

Postby Meret » Mon Apr 17, 2017 7:44 pm

Meret took to the wild places on her second to last day. A bus ride out to the national park that started before dawn.

The hike took most of her day. It was hard to feel Gaia in the city. Especially ln this city. The scab ran deep and raw. So deep sometimes it was hard to feel her pain through all the thick, scaly layers.

Here she grew. Insects buzzed and unseen animals skittered away at her approach. As she walked she would reach out and feel a glossy leaf or pick up an interesting stone.

Overhead, Mal circled. Looking for what she needed.

Tonight she would go out to the water. Spend the night on the beach with Lulu. Death would happen the day after tomorrow. No matter what. Meret wanted to feel the earth growing around her so she could remember why she was fighting.

Malcolm screeched, indicating he found what she needed. The Strider broke into a joyful sprint to follow. Legs stretched and heart beat. Eyes saw. Skin felt. Spirit sang the song Voice could not. Lungs burned. Feet pounded.

Before her were the remnants of an Oak. Her beautiful branches, once heavy with acorns were now brown and split. Lighting had struck the great creature, and now she lay dead. Meret smiled at the sight, though she pressed dirty fingers to the bark.

Thank you, beloved. From your body will come something that lives, please. Return to the Mother and find peace.

Out her her backpack came a useful little device. It appeared to be a bicycle chain with blades on it. She carefully unwrapped it and chose a piece of wood that seemed to suite her needs, then got to work removing it.

It was fast work. After only a few minutes she had a good chunk of solid wood in hand. She hoped that it was what her Packmate would need.

Time to head back. She would take the bus back, give Mek the wood, then head out to the beach to go spend the night under Lunas smile with her best friend.

Tomorrow would be hard. She didn't expect to come back from the fight. She hoped she would. But she couldn't leave words unsaid. Couldn't take the risk. Her heart ached and she didn't know how to make it stop. But she knew she owed him an apology.

Words couldn't be left unsaid.
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