Renown (Garou)

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Renown (Garou)

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Renown gains and losses will be publicly posted in the renown forum as a substitute for trying to run moots every months. I will attempt to mark the deeds of the characters appropriately though I would appreciate players pming actions their characters performed they believe to be worthy of renown gain as I am only one person and may miss some deeds.

Characters, mainly ragabashes and philodoxes, are encouraged to point out the negative actions of their peers by pming me. Otherwise renown losing actions will only be reported if an NPC notices. NPCs do have their own information networks so just because they were not personally there doesn't mean they won't find out.

Here are some sample renown gaining and losing actions. The renown gains are placed glory/honor/wisdom

Besting someone (including a spirit) in a riddle contest 0 0 3

Ending a threat without serious harm to any Garou 0 0 5

Attacking a much more powerful force without aid 0 0 –3

Defeating a strong Wyrm threat (Psychomachiae, Black Spiral Dancer pack, etc.) 5 0 0

Revealing, with certain proof, that an area or object is "of the Wym" 0 0 3

Defeating a formidable supernatural threat not of the Wyrm 2 0 0
(strand spider, master mage, fae warrior, Fera, etc.)

Purifying a Wyrm-tainted object, person, or place 0 0 2

Successfully completing a spirit quest in the Umbra 0 0 3

Giving bad advice 0 0 –2

Mediating a dispute unfairly 0 –4 0

Failing to keep one’s promises 0 –3 0

Succumbing to a berserk frenzy 0 0 –1

Succumbing to a fox frenzy –1 0 –1

Not protecting a helpless Garou 0 –5 0

Defeating an average Wyrm threat (Blight Child, fomori, etc.) 3 0 0

Traveling to any of the Umbral Realms and surviving 3 0 0

Protecting the Veil 0 4 0

Being truthful 0 2 0

Keeping one’s promises 0 2 0

Mediating a dispute fairly 0 3 0

Participating in a just challenge 1 2 0
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