Rage/Frenzy/Curse (Garou)

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Rage/Frenzy/Curse (Garou)

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Gaining Rage

Garou characters can regain temporary rage after enduring particularly pointed insults, intense shame, wounds in battle, and of course seeing the moon each night. These points will never take a character over his/her permanent rage score. The only things that can take a character over his/her permanent rage score are intense situations that touch upon a psychological trigger. For example if a claustrophobic Silent Strider was confined in a tight space that would be cause for the character to gain rage over his permanent rage.


1. If any rage roll scores more than 4 successes the character frenzies.

2. A player can spend a willpower point to immediately halt the frenzy but cannot take any further actions that turn.

3. In berserk frenzy if the character's Gnosis equals or exceed her rage she will not attack packmates.

4. A character whose permanent Rage exceeds his permanent Gnosis attacks anything that moves. He can’t distinguish between targets unless his player spends a Willpower point, in which case he can select his victim. If he doesn’t have the Willpower to spare, the Storyteller chooses who he attacks. Werewolves in this state don’t remember what happens to them during frenzy.

5. In frenzy a character cannot use gifts, pack tactics, or step sideways.

6. Players may roll their character's own frenzy checks but if their character's succumb to frenzy then the STs must be alerted.

7. A werewolf can only come out of frenzy once the triggering situation is over. Once the trigger is gone, the player rolls Willpower (difficulty equaling the Garou’s own Rage) to escape the frenzy. If the roll fails, the player can try again next turn with no increase in difficulty.

8. If the player scores six or more successes on a rage roll the character enters Thrall of the Wyrm, no willpower can help and the character will be under ST control for the duration.

The Curse

If a person's willpower is lower than a character's rage that person will do whatever is necessary (but reasonable) to avoid interacting with the garou. Waiters might ignore your table or try to get someone else to cover it. Tellers go on break or have to deal with urgent issues. People will cross the street to avoid the character, cops look the other way at the character's shady dealings. Animals will also avoid the character as best as possible.

Beast Within: Occasionally, a Garou is more a snarling monster than man or beast, and she must pay the price for it. For every point of Rage a character has above her Willpower rating, she loses one die on all social-interaction rolls. People, even other werewolves, can sense the killer hiding just under her skin, and they don’t want to be anywhere near it.
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