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Game Dice Roller

Postby Henchman Number 3 » Tue Aug 16, 2016 10:45 am

Game Dice Roller

A friend created an awesome dice roller for our game. There is a page to build your roll and a results page with a log. It’s pretty user friendly but this is a breakdown of the features just in case.

Building a Roll
Add Dice Bonus/Penalty
Click this bar and it will create a line to add or subtract dice from a roll. Enter why in the “Bonus/Penalty” box and the number in the box that currently reads “0”. To remove dice make the number negative.

Switch from Off to On to spend a willpower for an automatic successes. This successes can be canceled by ones but prevents botching. If you spend a WP you need to post to your tracking thread in your character form.

Threshold removes successes from your roll which can lead to botching. When a difficulty would go above 9 it becomes threshold. Also, certain situations impose thresholds to rolls.

Add Bonus/Penalty Successes
Click this bar to create a line where you can add or subtract successes. As a player this is unlikely to be needed often.

Base Difficulty
For most PC run actions this is just assumed to be 6. However, some actions like gifts and magic have clearly defined difficulties. Difficulties cannot go lower then 3 and if you enter a lower number it will be treated as 3. Difficulties cannot go higher then 9, past 9 they become threshold.

Toggle from Off to On and a 10 becomes 2 successes instead of one. Only turn Specialty on if you are using a Specialty in something you have 4 or more dots. (Some abilities like crafts and academics have specialties at lower dots to clarify what your character focuses on.)

Enter any additional notes here.

Push this to roll.

Results Page
The results page is a log of all of the most recent player dice rolls listed “Character name – action – successes”. Staff rolls may be hidden and thus may not appear on the log. You can click the > next to each entry to see full details. Note there is a search bar at the top, so you could look for a certain character or botches for example.

At the bottom of your results (and everyone else’s) you will see something that looks like this: [dice= #]Charchter Name’s action[/dice]. Copy and paste this into your post. It will create a summary line for your dice roll that can be expanded out into the full details.
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