Avatar, Signature, and Character Description

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Avatar, Signature, and Character Description

Postby Henchman Number 3 » Wed Aug 10, 2016 11:55 pm

These things give other players the information they need to react to your PC. Of course you don’t automatically know everything in another character’s signature or character description, but it is there because there are some PCs who would know or have a chance to notice.

Your forum avatar is what your character looks like. This should be a photograph unless there is something about your character’s appearance that makes this especially difficult such as being a metis and wanting a breed form avatar. If using a picture please remember the goal is realism and do not pick something cartoony. Try to avoid more popular celebrities unless you have specific appearance needs that are difficult to fill (an Asian woman missing an eye, ect) and this what you’ve got that works well. Remember, your avatar and your appearance score should match.

All character signatures must include:
* A link to your character’s description
* All of your PC’s social attributes
* Your template (Mage, garou, kin)
* Any noticeable merits, flaws, backgrounds, or deformities. Including social ones that people can’t see but need to react to (ex Notoriety).
* If you always carry something supernatural or always have magic on you (for passive supernatural sensing abilities)

Mage character also need:
* Tradition
* Position (if any)

Garou character also need:
* Tribe and purebred (if any)
* Auspice
* Rank
* Position if any
* Your rage

Kin character also need:
* Tribe and purebred (if any)

You may choose to include:
* A quote
* Your breed, if garou
* High or low physical attributes as these are often visible
* Something else you feel is noticeable about your PC and important enough you don’t want to just have it in your description

Character Description
Follow the template in the appropriate character description section. Remember, that for characters outside your group or “side” of the game you only know what they look like and anything under public mundane knowledge.

Shhhh, it’s a Secret
There may be things about your character that are secret or aren’t what they appear to the other PCs in the game but would normally go in your character description or signature. For example your character could be lying about their name, tribe or tradition. You may be known for a crime you didn’t commit. Your PC might appear 30 years old but has the Wolf Years flaw and is actually only 7. In circumstances like these inaccurate information may be included in your signature or character description however you must approve this with staff first.
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