Experince (XP)

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Experince (XP)

Postby Henchman Number 3 » Wed Aug 10, 2016 4:44 pm

Experince (XP)

Gaining Experience
Characters gain experience for the previous month at the beginning of each new month. PCs gain experience for the following:

Posting: PCs gain 10xp for “being active” which is defined as having posted at least 30 times during the month. If you post 100 times you get 11xp, 200 times you get 12xp, 300 times you get 13xp, 400 times you get 14xp, and 500+ times you get a maximum of 15xp.

Player Shout Outs: Players are encouraged to give each other shout outs by posting to that month’s shout out thread. There is no limit to the number of shout outs PCs can give each other and you don’t have to wait for the end of the month. For each character who gives your PC a shout out you get 1xp up to a maximum of 3xp.

Staff Shout Outs: Legend and Archmage will each give two characters a month an ST shout out for their RP. These are wroth 2xp.

Literaries: Players may post “literaries”, original work by or about their characters to further develop their PCs. Staff will award a total of 1-3xp per month per character who has submissions.

Recruitment: This is xp players can earn for brining new active players to the game. (If the player already has another character, this does not count.) The new player must tell staff that they are your recruit. Players gain 2xp for the first month of a recruit’s active posting, and 1xp more per month they stay active in the game after the first for a maximum of 5 months.

One time gains/Character Creation: Players receive 5-15xp for completing a back story or questionnaire (not both) for their character and 3-5xp for completing the Charterer Direction Questions. Mage characters gain an additional 3-5xp for completing their avatar description.

Spending Experience

Experience Costs
New Ability: 3xp
Raising Ability: current rating x 2xp
Raising Attribute: current rating x 4xp

New Background: 3xp
New $ Background: 6xp
Raising Background: current rating x 2
Raising $ Background: current rating x 4
Totem (garou version): 2xp per dot

Merrits: 2xp x dot rating
Buying off flaws: 2xp x dot rating

Raising Gnosis: current rating x 2xp
Raising Rage: current rating in xp
Raising Willpower: current rating in xp

New Sphere: 10xp
Raising Affinity Sphere: current rating x 7xp
Raising Other Sphere: current rating x 8xp

Breed/Aupsice/Tribe Gift: gift level x 3xp
Out of Breed/Aupsice/Tribe Gift: gift level x 5xp
Breed/Tribe Gift (Kinfolk): 15xp*
Not Breed/Tribe Gift (Kinfolk): 20xp*

* Kinfolk gifts cost an additional 5xp if taught by a garou rather then a spirit, for a total of 20xp and 25xp respectively

Note: Arete, like rank, will not cost XP but is something players earn in game at ST discretion. Arete will always have a hard cap to stop the mages from shooting past the garou. The Arete cap is currently 3.

Making Purchases
Experience points will be tracked in a thread in your personal character forum. Post purchases you would like to make to this thread. ALL experience spends are subject to staff approval. However, some spends are generally considered routine while others almost always require discussion with staff or RP. Staff will make the change to your sheet when they process your purchase.

Routine Purchases (Usually)
The following are generally considered routine purchases: attributes, abilities, spheres, in tribe/auspice/breed gifts (for garou), and increasing totem (for garou).

Just post what you would like to buy and a short (can be one sentence) description of how your PC gets it. While PCs progress faster and more easily then in real life try to keep things somewhat reasonable. You didn’t jump from 0 to 5 occult in one month by reading books at your local library.

ST Approval Before Posting Purchases
Some things require approval from an ST before posting on your experience thread as they need to be discussed or played out. These are: backgrounds, out of tribe/breed/auspice gifts (garou), any gift (kinfolk), arête, merits, and buying off flaws.

When you post your spend include the words “Approved by [name of staff]”. If you had a successful growth action and are purchasing influence as a result, this counts as being approved by Legend.

Experience “Loss”

If your character spends xp on a background and then loses that background, that xp is permanently lost. Most backgrounds are low risk and will only be lost as a result of player actions. Staff will not just murder your ally for no reason. However, if you convince your ally to do something that gets them killed, or if another player kills them, those dots are gone.

Influences are a special category of high risk backgrounds. By their nature they rise and can also go down. NPCs may attack your influence even if your PC has done nothing to intentionally provoke them. Experience points put into influences should never be seen as safe. We suggest running large numbers of influences is best suited to kinfolk who have less other things to spend xp on and less other ways to contribute to their society. However, players comfortable with the inherent risk of influences should not feel discouraged from pursuing them. They are a powerful tool.
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Re: Experince (XP)

Postby Legend » Wed Oct 12, 2016 8:42 pm

Rites cost two xp per level of the Rite.
Garou ST.

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