The Garou Story (Please Read)

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The Garou Story (Please Read)

Postby Legend » Wed Aug 10, 2016 8:15 am

The Caern of the Golden Grape

The Caern at the Biltmore hotel was founded in 1924 shortly after the hotel's grand opening. Named the Caern of Starry Night it was one of several Glasswalker caerns in the greater LA area at the time. During the sixties however the Glasswalker presence diminished as many of the tribe moved north to the bay area to be part of the silicon revolution. By 1988, their numbers to few, all the caerns the Glasswalkers held in the LA area had been abandoned.

In 2015 a Glass Walker Simon 'The Quick'  Ashworth purchased the Biltmore Hotel and in June 2016 led the effort that reconsecrated the caern that once existed there. The newly created caern of fertility was named the Golden Grape in honor of its new spiritual patron Bacchus. Simon then put out a call to Garou nation asking for any available to come and help protect the newly created caern. Currently the sept is lead by Simon's pack and features a mix of Glasswalker and Uktena traditions.

(OOC note: Players may choose to have their Garou and kin characters just arrived to the sept or have participated in the caern raising.)

Other Garou in the LA Area

In addition to the Glasswalker/Uktena sept where the game takes place there are two other Garou septs in the LA metropolitan area. There is a small Bone Gnawer sept somewhere in South Central LA and a small Get of Fenris sept near Mount Baldy in the Angeles National Forest.
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